SKD mold



Tool XEBEC Brush for Surface (A31-CB100M+A11-CB100M)
Result Surface roughness improved from Ra 1.4μm, Rz 6.1μm to Ra 0.029μm, Rz 0.337μm respectively.

Workpiece information

Industry Mold
Part name SKD Mold
Material type SKD
Machining process Others


Processing conditions
Tool XEBEC Brush for Surface (A31-CB100M+A11-CB100M)
Details of processing

Polishing of material surface

1st tool : A11-CB100M, Rotation speed : 1,200 min-1, Feed : 600mm/min, Depth of cut : 0.2mm, 2nd tool : A11-CB100M, Rotation speed:1,200min-1, Feed:600mm/min, Depth of cut : 0.2mm

Spindle speed (min⁻¹) 1,200
Table feed (mm/min) 600
Depth of cut (mm) 0.2
Machining time (sec)