XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole Extra-Large

Newly developed bristle. Realized a longer tool life than other crosshole brushes with improved wear amount and manageability. Helps reducing the tool costs by separating the shaft and the brush so that only the brush needs to be replaced.

Applicable equipment

This tool is used on equipment with rotational speed control (> 4000 min-1).

Machining center

(with live tools)

Dedicated machine



  • Brush size is approximate as the tip expands with rotation.
  • Overall length of assembled brush and shank is 150 mm.


Precautions for use

The shank must be inserted ≥ 30 mm in the holder to secure it properly.

The brush will break if:
• used beyond the maximum rotational speed
• used with a pneumatic rotary tool
• rotated outside of the bore (outside workpiece)
• used with brush tip < 20 mm inside bore

The brush may break when used with:
• crossholes larger than φ12


The brush and the shaft are separated. Only the brush needs to be replaced.

Initial processing conditions

Rotational speed 7000 min⁻¹
Feed 300 mm/min
Number of paths Forward rotation: 1 reciprocating motion, reverse rotation: 1 reciprocating motion


Precautions for use

The Brush will break off when:
○ machined beyond the maximum rotational speed
○ used with a pneumatic tool
○ rotated outside the cylinder (outside workpiece)
○ the distance from the hole entrance to the target is 20 mm or less
When attaching the tool on the equipment or the tool holder,
insert the shaft more than 30 mm and make sure it is attached firmly.

In the following cases when used under the initial processing conditions, the Brush may break off,
○ Off-center cross hole, angled cross hole and long hole
○ The diameter of the 2nd hole drilled is larger than φ12