XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil

Ideal for polishing and deburring engraved and narrow details of mold
XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil
Equivalent grit
Product code T×W×L
per pack
Pencil holder
3PACK-AR-0505S 0.5×0.5×50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AR-0909S 0.9×0.9×50 3 PCL-9
3PACK-AB-0505S 0.5×0.5×50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AB-0909S 0.9×0.9×50 3 PCL-9
Pencil holder
Product code Pencil diameter
XEBEC Ceramic Stone™
PCL-5 0.5×0.5×50 AR-0505S/AB-0505S
PCL-9 0.9×0.9×50 AR-0909S/AB-0909S
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