XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant

Heat resistant up to 200℃ and suitable for continuous use with an ultrasonic tool
Equivalent grit
T×W×L (mm)
1×4×100 1×6×100 1×10×100 2×4×100 2×6×100 2×10×100
HR-1004M HR-1006M HR-1010M HR-2004M HR-2006M HR-2010M
HB-1004M HB-1006M HB-1010M HB-2004M HB-2006M HB-2010M
HO-1004M HO-1006M HO-1010M HO-2004M HO-2006M HO-2010M
(Dark Brown)
HD-1004M HD-1006M HD-1010M HD-2004M HD-2006M HD-2010M
HV-1004M HV-1006M HV-1010M HV-2004M HV-2006M HV-2010M