XEBEC Short BT Holder™

Compact tool holder whose length under the gauge line is 23.5mm (inluding bush flange thickness 1.5mm). Effective where tool length is limited

Applicable equipment

Machining center

Combined lathe

Special machine


General purpose lathe with milling function

Drilling machine

Rotary tool

Rotary tool

Product code Outermost diameter
Target shank diameter
SH-BT30 φ46 φ20

*This is designed exclusively for XEBEC products.
*Φ12 and Φ16 brush are available. Please contact for the details.

How to use

Applicable equipment

Example of attaching to XEBEC Floating Holder (FH-ST20) and XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve (XP-AUT25M)